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An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector (6th Edition)

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A Practical Approach for the 21st Century

6th Edition

 by Gary M. Grobman, Ph.D. 



An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector: A Practical Approach for the 21st Century is an introductory text on the nonprofit sector and nonprofit organizations. It provides an overview of the history, theory, and scope of the nonprofit sector. It discusses issues facing nonprofits, such as legal and regulatory issues, ethics, quality, fiscal, and liability issues. It also provides practical guidelines for writing mission and vision statements, strategic planning, hiring, firing, lobbying, communicating, using the Internet, and other functions of nonprofit organizations. Each chapter includes a synopsis at the beginning, as well as discussion questions, activities, and bibliographic references at the end. An index is included.

What People Are Saying About An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector:

"Having used the third edition of The Nonprofit Handbook in previous courses, I was pleasantly surprised when several students reported that the book had become a desktop reference shared by various managers in their nonprofit organizations. Gary Grobman's latest book, An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector: A Practical Approach for the 21st Century, raises the bar even higher. Grobman has skillfully blended the penetrating questions of nonprofit scholarship with the everyday practicalities that confront today's nonprofit manager. I can't imagine a better fit for my classroom needs, and I predict this book will achieve a special place among the texts available for graduate and undergraduate courses on nonprofit management."

Ralph Brower, Ph.D.
MPA Director of the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy
Florida State University

"The first comprehensive text on nonprofit management, and it's a good one, as well. Grobman tells aspiring managers what they need to know and why their work is important. I particularly like the way he interweaves theory and practice in this text."

Jon Van Til, Ph.D.
Professor of Urban Studies, Rutgers University
Past President, ARNOVA
Author, Growing Civil Society, and Former Editor-in-Chief, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

"This book is an excellent resource for introducing students to the nonprofit sector and for providing nonprofit managers with the basic information they need to start or run a nonprofit organization. It is comprehensive in its scope, ranging from the history, theory and legal foundations of the sector, to the very practical issues of governing and managing a nonprofit organization. While well grounded in literature and current information sources, it is clearly written and easy to use as either a classroom text or a ready desk reference."

Dennis Young, Ph.D.
Director of Nonprofit Studies Program, Georgia State University
Former President of the Association of Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)

About the Author: Gary M. Grobman (B.S. Drexel University, M.P.A. Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Ph.D., Penn State University) is special projects director for White Hat Communications, a Harrisburg, PA-based publishing company. He served as the executive director of the Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition-a statewide nonprofit association-from 1983-1996. Prior to that, he was a senior legislative assistant in Washington for two members of Congress, a news reporter, and a political humor columnist for Roll Call. In 1987, he founded the Non-Profit Advocacy Network (NPAN), which consists of more than 50 statewide associations that represent Pennsylvania charities.  He is the author of The Nonprofit Handbook, The Non-Profit Internet Handbook (co-authored with Gary Grant), Improving Quality and Performance in Your Non-Profit Organization, The Nonprofit Organization's Guide to E-Commerce, The Nonprofit Management Casebook, and several other books. 


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Defining and Describing the Nonprofit Sector  

Chapter 2. History of the Nonprofit Sector  

Chapter 3. Theory of the Nonprofit Sector  

Chapter 4. Legal and Regulatory Issues  

Chapter 5. Governance  

Chapter 6. Mission Statements  

Chapter 7. Ethics  

Chapter 8. Fundraising  

Chapter 9. Marketing
Chapter 10. Grant Management  

Chapter 11. Financial Management  

Chapter 12. Personnel  

Chapter 13. Diversity, Equity, and Incuysion
Chapter 14. Communications and Public Relations  
Chapter 15. Lobbying

Chapter 16. The Internet for Nonprofits  

Chapter 17. Strategic Planning and Change Management  

Chapter 18. Quality Issues  

Chapter 19. Liability, Risk Management, and Insurance  

Chapter 20. Forming and Running a Coalition  

Chapter 21. The Future of the Nonprofit Sector  

Chapter 22. The Spirit of the Nonprofit Sector
Appendix 1. Case 1
Appendix 2. Case 2
Appendix 3: Case 3
Appendix 4: Case 4
Appendix 5: Case 5
Appendix 6: Case 6
Appendix 7: Case 7
Appendix 8: Case 8
Appendix 9: Financial Reports: ARNOVA
Appendix 10: Nonprofit Ethics Scenarios

About the Author

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Gary M. Grobman, Ph.D.
Publication Date:
January 2015

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